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Week 3 of school meals


Here we are again! Let me show you our week of school lunches.
Last week at our home was a bit of a chaos, the little ones had flu and at the end of the week even daddy was sick…
I still don’t know how I managed to save myself from all this germs and virus around me but I don’t complain. As everybody knows a mother can’t get sick, can she?


Heart shape butter and blackberry jam sandwich.

Crisps and Yogurt Breaks.

Frubes squeezable yogurt, a pear and a tangerine.


On Monday I made them a blackberry jam sandwich, I was not sure if they would like it because it is a new brand and has lots of seeds, but they loved it. So I have already added to my lunch box list to buy it again when it is finished.
Yogurt breaks were also something new on Monday, they are yogurt coated cookies and stuffed with dry strawberries they are yummy and also go to my list.



Cheese sandwich, 2 fried chicken wings.

2 fruit jellies, raisins and peanuts.

Cherry yogurt and an apple.


The chicken wings were leftover from Monday’s dinner and I put them in the lunch boxes. When they finished school, they told me that the next day they also wanted chicken wings, lol. Needless to say, in my house they would eat fried wings at breakfast, lunch and dinner time, they drive them crazy !!
I also put a package of MiniOreos in Yvette‘s lunchbox , she is in high school and she has a short break to eat something, usually she buys a snack there, but as she likes Oreo, I put them in her lunchbox .



German salami sandwich, crackers and chocolate.

Crisps and Frubes squeezable yogurt.

A banana and a pear.


Bread with tomato and oil and German salami … they didn’t like it very much because this salami has a lot of garlic on it and it’s much stronger than other salamis we have tasted. We don’t find Spanish salami whenever we want to ?.
The crackers were also a failure… they were from an assortment box we bought at Christmas. And they were all so good. But these in particular were spicy! And although my kids like spicy food… This crackers did not mix well with chocolate lol.



Cheese bread with tomato and oil stuffed with Danish salami.

Crisps. 2 fruit jellies.

Strawberry yogurt and a tangerine.


Glorious Thursday! Cheese bread. Perfect. Danish salami, much more similar to the Spanish one. Perfect too!



Danish salami sandwich. Cheese Crackers.

Crisps and nuts.

Chocolate mousse and an apple.


By popular request we repeated a Danish salami sandwich ? .
I want to clarify something.
In Spain in many schools is not allowed to put nuts in children’ lunch boxes in case some classmate has allergies and such …
Here in the UK I have not heard anything about it. Just in case I always tell my daughters not to share anything with any child and I explain the reason why shouldn‘t, they understand it because they are big girls now.
To Allen (3 years) I just do not put nuts in his lunchbox, precaution first. Yvette and Kate also did not have nuts when they were small. At such ages it is easy for children to share food, so it is best not to put something that can harm others.



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