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5 fun school meals. Week 2

This week has been really fun.
My children have been involved in taking pictures and also giving ideas to combine rich and healthy foods.
Let’s go with Week 2.


Ham and cheese sandwich, rice cake with caramel.

Chopped cucumber and potato chips.

Strawberry yogurt and a plum.


Ham and cheese sandwich, very funny made with puzzle shape. In case they were still hungry I put a rice cake, although, as I suspected, they kept it to eat in the car on the way home.
The day they have cucumber in their lunch boxes they are the happiest children in the world.


Cheese sandwich with loaf of bread, cucumbers and carrots.

Crackers and chips.

Raisins and diced apricots, 2 liquid yogurts.


On Tuesday I made them a sandwich of spread cheese and grated cheese.
I cut them some cucumbers and carrots because I know they love them. I also put a packet of raisins and diced apricot, some days they don’t eat it all then I will eat it when we arrive home from school, but usually they finished it in school or they shared it in the car.


Toasted bread and sausages.

Nuts and raisins. Crisps only for the big girls.

2 fromage frais and a pear.


One more day with happy children! Sausages and nuts are a great thing to put in lunchboxes, fast and easy. They ate everything, even the crumbs. By the way, Allen did not have crisps because it would have been too much.


Salami sandwich, Plantain chips.

Salt and vinegar crisps.

An apple and a chocolate mousse.


Thursday was one of those days … we woke up late, everyone had to dress up in a hurry, prepare breakfast, milk that spills, a lost shoe, a hat that does not appear … from time to time we like to have a crazy morning to remember why our evening routine is so important.
So, for Thursday fast and boring lunchbox.


Butter and jam sandwich. Cheese crackers.

Raisins and crisps.

Cherry yogurt and a banana.


Here it’s an example of how to transform your boring butter and jam sandwich into a triumphant sandwich. With a heart-shaped sealant. It not only cuts but seals the edges, in this way the jam doesn’t come out. It is a great invention!



If you liked this posts, come again next week. I will give you more ideas. You also can read last week posts here.

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