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5 Ideas for school lunchbox. Week 1

Today I am very happy since I will start a new section on the blog.
From now on, weekly, I will keep record of the school lunch boxes.
Here we go, this is week 1.

Week of January 23, 2017

It’s very important to offer children a variety of food, because if not, they get bored of always eating the same thing.

I buy different things every week and there are always leftovers for next week so I like playing around mixing new things from this and last weeks.

Here is our grocery shopping for this week.


3 toasted bread, spread cheese and quince’s jam.

Plantain chips.

Chocolate mousse, tangerine and fruit jelly.


On Monday the big girls brought this lunch box to school and they loved it. I put toasted bread and the cheese spread and the quince’s jam aside to prevent the bread from getting soggy.
For Allen, as he is smaller, I prepared a normal sandwich with the same filling as his sisters.


Potato bread  sandwich with sausages and melted cheese.

Bag of crisps, 2 fromage frais.

Apple, plum and fruit jelly.


This potato bread is great and it’s super practical, has a pocket shape so everything is well contained. You can fill it with whatever you want to.
On Monday night I fried the sausages, cut them and kept them in the fridge, on Tuesday morning I only had to fill the bread with the sausages and sliced cheese.
Then everything to the toaster with the help of the toast sachets, of course!


Round bread sandwich with butter and ham.

Walkers crisps, Prawn Cocktail flavour.

Frubes squeezable yogurt, plum and chocolate with biscuits.


On Wednesday I made round bread sandwiches, as they call them, they are hamburger buns. I freeze them and I take them out of the freezer as I need them. I took them out the night before and left them in the fridge thawing.
I prepared them with butter and cooked ham because everyone likes it like this.


Pâté sandwich

Rice cake, bag of cheese puffs, sliced carrot.

Black cherry yogurt, Frubes squeezable yogurt and a banana.


On Thursday I prepared a boring sandwich, to make it more exciting I used a puzzle shaped cutter. They love it, Allen especially, he always comes back from school saying that he has eaten a puzzle.
The rice cakes are also a great thing, they love all of them: the plain ones, the chocolate ones and of course the caramel ones. You can use a cupcake paper to avoid the rice cake touching the sandwich.



3 toasted bread, ham, mild cheese.

Bag of crisps.

Apple, plum and Frubes squeezable yogurt.


On Friday they also ate toasted bread, this time with slices of cooked ham and cheesy wild flowers, it seems more attractive than just a cheese wedge … I use cookie cutters and I fill their lunch boxes with fun shapes. And talking about fun… How funny are those squeezable yogurts? Have you noticed the little faces they have?

I hope you have found new ideas. Pop in next week there will be more meals and tricks to help you out.








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